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    Printing Tabs



      Printing Tabs



           Im having an issue with printing tabs. i have two tabs and when i go to print them they come out blank..
           Any suggestions as to what im doing wrong?


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               You'll need to describe your issue in much more detail. If by "tabs" you mean that you have a tab control with two panels, You'll only be able to print what is included in one of the two panels at a time unless you design a different layout to use for printing purposes.

               And I have no idea why they would be blank and thus need to know a lot more about the design of your layout and the tables from which it is supposed to display data.

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                 I have created one table, which i would like to have two tab controls one for a production function and the second for a office function. The fields on both tabs are from the same table. When i go to print the tabs none of the fields are printed only the header and the text boxes.

                 The photo is of the layout in edit  

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                   This is what it prints

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                     Instead of using your phone to take pictures of your screen. Use the Print Scrn button to capture a screen shot, then launch windows Paint and paste the image. That will produce a much easier to view screen shot for a lot less trouble.

                     What exact options did you select when printing?

                     Can you capture and upload a screen shot as I've described, but taken of your layout while in Layout Mode instead of Browse mode?

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                       I am selecting Print Current and Fit to Page options when trying to print an ipad but the same thing happens when i try and print off the desktop.

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                         Your tab control starts in the Header and extends down into the Body of your layout. Try Dragging the Tab Control down until it is completely within the Body layout part and no part of it crosses or touches the boundary line between the Header and the Body. From what I see here, I'd drag everything down out of the header and then delete the header layout part as I don't see a need for it.

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                           perfect thanks