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    Printing Text Baselines



      Printing Text Baselines


           I have created a database for Petty Cash Slips. In the layout, I have a text fields for, and I want the text baselines to print, so the form has underlines.

           I set the Text Baseline in the Inspector to be 0.25pt and the baselines do display on the computer. When printed though, the form does NOT print the baselines.

           This is with FileMaker Pro 12v4

           What am I missing?

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               I should also mention, that when I Preview in FileMaker, the baselines also disappear. So I can see them in Browse Mode, but in Preview Mode they disappear.

               I do have all text fields set for a Text Baseline of "Solid" "Black" and "0.25pt"


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                 Nevermind, I figured it out. There is a checkbox in Layout Setup / General that says "Delineate fields on current record only" and it was checked. Didn't know what that meant, so I unchecked it, and now my baselines are displaying and printing.