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    Printing timestamp on .pdf report



      Printing timestamp on .pdf report



           How can i insert current Timestamp and username, each time a user wants to print?

           i try Menu - Insert - "Current Time" but is not working, when i change user, it still given me the timestamp first-time first that first user printed.

           Thank for your attention...

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               Enter layout mode.

               Use the text tool to put the cursor on your field where you want the current time to show when the layout is printed or saved as PDF. Select "time symbol" from the insert menu. This will put either two colons :: (versions older than Filemaker 12) or {{CurrentTime}} (filemaker 12) on your layout. In browse or preview modes, you will see the current time.

               Do the same with the username symbol (and you may find that what you really need is the account name symbol--see the Other Symbols option.)