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Printing to Brother ql-570 from filemaker

Question asked by AnthonyTesoriero on Nov 14, 2013
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Printing to Brother ql-570 from filemaker


     I have been trying to resolve this periodically for months. I have a brother ql-570 label printer and a solution where I need to print a variety of different sized labels. I also have multiple Dymo label writers that are part of the same solution.  This problem has been nagging for months and we have worked around it by purchasing new DYMOs to replace the Brother printers and using sheet labels. Neither of which are economical solutions or make much sense.

     The problem is that when we execute a print command from filemaker to the printer we consistently get the error message "The roll of labels or tape inside the machine does not match the one selected in the application." I believe we have tried everything: resizing layouts, removing and adding margins, resetting the printer itself, resetting the print preferences, updating firmware, updating software... I'm at a loss.

     I can print to the printer perfectly using the P Touch software as well as using third party label printing software, labelist and label & address from SOHO... In addition when we switch to the DYMO's we can print as well. It just will not work so far from FMP and we have a dozen of these printers that would all have to be replaced if we cannot solve this...