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    Printing to Mail.app in FileMaker Pro 11 for Mac



      Printing to Mail.app in FileMaker Pro 11 for Mac



           We have a user who is using FileMaker 11 Pro for Mac and is unable to use the email function from within FileMaker. His other Mac sends the mail job directly to his email client (Mail.app) but on his iMac he clicks the run script button to print and nothing happens. 
           Is there a setting within FileMaker or Mac OS 10.8 that we should be checking into to see why the print job never arrives at the email client?
           Thanks all!

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               I don't own a  mac at the moment, but there are OS settings that determine which application is used as the defalut email application. I'd check those settings to make sure that they specify the correct application.

               See this info from FileMaker Help:

                                   To send email, you must have an internet connection. In addition, to send mail through an email application, you must have the following configurations.
                                   A [Mail] section in the Win.ini file.
                                   Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Eudora installed and configured properly.
               Mac OS:
                                   Mac OS X Mail or Microsoft Entourage installed to send email with FileMaker Pro.
                                   Internet system preferences configured for use with one of the supported mail applications.
                                   If you use Eudora 5, start the Eudora application before performing this script step.