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Printing to one page and PDFs to one page

Question asked by KatrinaRolfe on Jan 14, 2014
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Printing to one page and PDFs to one page


     Hi everyone,

     I'm very new to FileMaker Pro and am currently testing it for our company. I have setup a fairly simple layout which I want to print a hard copy of and also send a PDF of.

     When I print it, it prints as tiles, so printing one record requires several pages.

     When I save it as a PDF, this is how it looks (see below).

     There seems to be a lot of empty space at the bottom and the right side.

     Is there something I need to do in the layout setup that will enable me to print each record on a single A4 page (filling the page) and export the PDF so that it also fills the page.

     Any help would be appreciated, I've managed to nut out most things myself so far, but this has me really stumped.