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    printing to pdf



      printing to pdf


      HELP PLEASE... i have written a medical program and created a prescription form.. No matter what I try to get it to print as a .pdf it will only do it as an excel file.

      i have created   a box with a logo RX and set it up as record being browsed, and when you R click on itt click on the option save as a pdf file. in the programmers version it is there but not in the run time version  why??? It used to work perfectly... and if i click on file, print, (and put pdf in the box) it doesnt' let me print that one page it starts from the beginning of my program.. 

      I really could  use some help here.. it is driving me batty..

      Thanks  Stormn

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          Thank you for your post.


          What version of Filemaker Pro are you using?  What operating system is running?  What is the page range you are using?  Are any custom menus being used?


          Any additional information you can provide may be helpful in narrowing down the possible causes.



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            Hello and thanks.. I am usng FM PRO ADV 10.3  and I created a program within filemaker.. it is a medicl one, (didn't use the templates) I created a blank prescription that when the doctor fills out he can save to his desktop as a pdf then email it directly to the pharmmacy.  I wsh i knew how to mail that page directly to the pharmacy then I wouldn't have to do the pdf..


            Also Are you available on a fee for service basis as i have another interesting question

            I want to create a medication alert for example.  I will compile a list of meds and the ones that shouldn't be used with it and if someone tries to fill in a countra indicated med, it would flash a red warning such as Meds don't mix or Warning do not use with------- can that be done as a script??? Norman

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              stormn wrote:
              the option save as a pdf file. in the programmers version it is there but not in the run time version

              Saving records as a PDF file is not supported in runtime solutions (something to do with Adobe licensing restrictions, I presume).

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                The "Save Records as PDF" and "Append to Existing PDF" feature is not available in any runtime solution generated from FileMaker Pro 10.


                However, there may be a workaround on Mac OS X.  Via scripting, you can use a "Print" script step to save as a PDF file (the script step will remember this on the Mac), and then you can use a separate "Send Mail" script step to email the PDF file as an attachment.


                To constrain what gets printed to the PDF file, you may want to create a custom layout with just the stuff you want in the PDF, and then execute a "Find" (this is also available as a script step) to restrict the records and data included in the current found set.  With scripting, you can switch to different custom layouts and manipulate the current found set as needed, and this functionality should be available in the runtime solutions.

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                     THANKS BUT IT WILL WORK WITH FM PRO 9 RIGHT....