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Printing to PDF issues

Question asked by obidon on Sep 5, 2013
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Printing to PDF issues


     I have a databse solution which uses a series of portals.  Lets call them C,D,E,F

     I have created a script which prints the first form on 2 pages (Sections A&B).  The script then switches to a list view for C, appends to the pdf, switches to D etc etc.

     If the users has not entered data in the portal (perhaps there are no entries) the system will not find records.  I have utilised error capture and an two if statemenst.  If get(found count > 0 then print as usual.

     If get(found count = 0 then "Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; $filepath; Blank Record, with boxes]

     This is not working.  Any pointers greatly appreciated