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    Printing to PDF issues



      Printing to PDF issues


           I have a databse solution which uses a series of portals.  Lets call them C,D,E,F

           I have created a script which prints the first form on 2 pages (Sections A&B).  The script then switches to a list view for C, appends to the pdf, switches to D etc etc.

           If the users has not entered data in the portal (perhaps there are no entries) the system will not find records.  I have utilised error capture and an two if statemenst.  If get(found count > 0 then print as usual.

           If get(found count = 0 then "Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; $filepath; Blank Record, with boxes]

           This is not working.  Any pointers greatly appreciated

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               Actual names are easier to follow that letters of the alphabet...


                    If the users has not entered data in the portal

               And that would be which portal? Portal C?


                    This is not working.

               And HOW is it not working? What result do you need to see that you don't see in that case?

               You might try adding a Show All records before saving as PDF with the Blank Record option.

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                 Thanks Phil

                 The portal names are somewhat irrelevant byt nonethe less dictacted by the final solution.  There maybe no data in any of the portals.

                 Assuming no records in C and E, my report would read A,B,D,F,G etc.  

                 The problems seems to be that the appending of the pdf is not working in the case of no records found.  The show all records didn't help, but was a good idea

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                   It is important to the report to show the form, even if no records are present


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                     The ultimate fall back may be to make a copy of your layout and then edit it to replace the fields with rectangle objects etc so that you have created the needed "blank record" layout needed for your PDF.

                     This does sound like a bug worth reporting over in Report an Issue.