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    Printing upside down



      Printing upside down


      This may not be a Filemaker issue or solution but here goes. For some reason my layout, which I am printing to an envelope, is now printing upside down.  I can only feed the envelope in one direction so this is a problem.


      I looked in page setup but there doesn't seem to be a way to set it to print upside down. 


      I would rather not have to create an upside down layout .




      This is wierd as I have no idea why it changed how it prints.

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          Are you on a Mac?


          In the Print dialog, under the "Layout" print options, there is a checkbox for "Reverse Page Orientation". The online help says this...


          If you’re trying to print on media that you can’t insert into your printer in the direction that you want, you can insert the media in the opposite direction and then print your document upside-down.
          For example, you can use this method to print on an envelope that won’t fit into the printer top-first, or to print on unusually shaped paper.