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    Printing using GTRR


      Printing using GTRR


      I am having a small issue - when I try to print from a report layout using GTRR, the preview layout shows the wrong record. If I print it or save as pdf and view, it is the correct record. I have set up GTRR as per attachment..and also my script...

      I am sure it is something simple but I cant think what it is!

      thank you


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          When you print, do you print multiple records with the "records being browsed" option or a single record with the "current record" option. Preview assumes you will print with the records being browsed option and thus you see the first record in the found set--which may or may not be the current record in the found set. If this is the case you can click the "book" icon to page through the previewed report to see the other records in preview.

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            is there anyway of being aboe to preview the reoprt without having to scroll through all the records? Say, if i want to print out a client's record, and the record is one of 500, I dont want to have to scroll through them all to preview...

            Thank you

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              Limit your found set to just that one record before previewing.

              Show all records
              Omit Record
              Show Omitted Only

              Is a simple way to isolate the current record--though it isn't 100% reliable in a multiuser environment. (If a different user creates a new record at just the wrong instance, it could show up when the last script step pops up all omitted records.)

              In a multi-user system, use:

              Set Variable [$ID ; value: YourTable::PrimaryKey ]
              Enter Find Mode []
              Set field [YourTable::PrimaryKey ; $ID ]
              Perform Find []

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                Great  - thank you