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Printing Webviewer Content - Incomplete Render

Question asked by fxdb on Dec 10, 2009
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Printing Webviewer Content - Incomplete Render


I have a webviewer object which renders a chart, in browse mode the chart displays fine and as per the advice on filemakers knowledgebase
I wait until the webviewer is rendered in full, by checking for </html> in the contents


In browse mode, there is no problem


If I enter preview mode, or try to print from browse or preview mode, part of the content is missing.

Filemakers knowledgebase suggests that the webviewer is cached in browse mode, so when entering preview mode there should be no issues, this is not the case.


Any advice is appreciated





In Browse Mode

Browse Mode



In Preview Mode

Preview Mode


P.S The data used to generate the chart is static, ive tried it with indexed fields and also using global variables.