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printing white pages: unable to do my mailing

Question asked by SheilaMeycim on Jul 31, 2013
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printing white pages: unable to do my mailing


     hi all,

     I have been using FMP for 5 years and recently upgraded my FMP from 9 to 12.

     I have imported my 3 databases to the new version and now, in one of the databases, all my pages print white.

     No matter which layout I try to print, the preview is blank and the page has not text when I print it.


     I have searched all over internet but it seems I am the only one to have this issue.

     I use a Mac, version 10.8.4


     did any of you guys have this problem already?

     I have a charity appeal mailing that has to go out on friday, 2500 letters to print,  and I am really stuck

     please help me 


     Thank you,