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    printing with Datamax ST-3210 printer?



      printing with Datamax ST-3210 printer?


      I'm wondering if FM 10 is compatible with the Datamax ST-3210 ticket printer.

      This (stand alone) printer is currently set-up for use with a different software application for printing event tickets, and works fine. I'm hoping that we can use FM to print small ticket batches and perhaps offer an alternative solution for our ticket printing needs in the future.


      I've set up a test ticket (in FMP-10) and can't get the Datamax to print it. The printer LED indicates that the print command talks to the printer, but nothing else happens. Fortunately I can resume printing tickets immediately from the other program without any print cue delays.


      Using Windows Vista, but hoping this experiment can result in Mac OSX use too.  Datamax Corp had no support info regarding FileMaker at all.

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          While your printer tech support may never have heard of filemaker, they may be able to tell you if any other printer drivers work with their printer. You could then test each such alternate driver and see if any of them work with filemaker.

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            Thanks for the suggestion, I'm somewhat surprised that nobody else has even offered a solution to this. After all, event ticket printing is a multi-million dollar business (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, TicketMaster...) granted they all have their mechanisms in place.


            FileMaker Customer Support also sent this:

            We appreciate you taking the time to send us your message and for sharing your
            concern. Although FileMaker does not have a list of compatible printers you may be
            able to use a PCL driver as they seem to be a standard print driver.

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              But they didn't indicate what a PCL print driver was or where I could find one....


              Doesn't seem like FM Inc is doing any research/testing to expand the product knowledge base in this area. This printer is the same type that is in use at all major venues in North America. I get a feeling that I will probably try to find a FM plug-in or a complete solution from another developer. But that will usually sacrifice input/ creative control over implementing better ideas.



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                Datamax offers a Windows driver for that series printer here:




                I would think this is all you would need.

                There's no reference to anything Mac on the Datamax site.