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Printing- PC vs. Mac

Question asked by BCATLYMCA on May 4, 2010
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Printing- PC vs. Mac


We print out rosters for our campers during the summer, and have a question about printing.


When we print our rosters on a PC, we can scale down the roster to a smaller % which we can also do on a Macintosh.


However, there is one difference when we do that...


Let's say a roster contains 30 names at 100% on both machines. 


When we scale that down on a PC, the same 30 names stay on the roster, just smaller...however when we scale it down on a Mac it pushes the 30 names up and adds more names until it gets to the bottom of the page.  So for instance, instead of only containing 30 names, that page now has 45 names.  This is very desirable for us, because some of our rosters have 500+ names on them, so it would save us significantly on paper.


Any ideas would be appreciated, or I can give more details if this doesn't make sense...


Thanks!  We are now on Filemaker 10.