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prints twice when printing records

Question asked by AmmarWasi on Jun 13, 2011


prints twice when printing records



I have a user that is having some trouble printing her records. See her message below, we have printed it to PDF and tried to print it on a different PC and printer but even then it printed twice so it seems there is something happening in Filemarker.


I do a search of records up to a specific date and sort these in date order (any blank records would show on top and are deleted before printing).  If I print one copy of this search result (“records browsed” option), I will get one copy.  However, if I ask for two copies, I will get four. 

 If the set of records is printed on an odd number of pages (let’s say three) double sided, the second set will start on the back of first set (so one piece of paper has pages one and two, the next piece of paper has page three and page one of the following set).