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Priviledge Set

Question asked by Kirk_1 on Nov 15, 2013
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Priviledge Set


     I'm trying to control who can take a customer off credit hold.

     I have a Boolean check box for "has credit"... if hascredit = 1 then they can edit the customer layout. Ive testes that and if it isn't a 1 they can't edit.

     The issue is not all of the "people" in the customer layout needs credit. Some are there because i used the customer layout to populate shipper and consignee addresses.

     Id like a way to auto enter the 1 in the has credit check box to quickly get someone in the customer layout editable and usable. We have procedures in place to ensure we get a credit application back.

     If i do a script on exit of one of the fields, that sets a 1 in the box... anyone exiting that filed again can take them off hold. I tested it by logging on under that privilege set and it checks the box.

     Any ideas?