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    Privilege Access Clarification



      Privilege Access Clarification


      Dear Admins & Experts,

      I make a form it contains two user access types as 'user1' & 'user2'

      In here, I made like while User1 open that form, he can't be access User2's fields, same like for whether User2 opens cant access User1's fields. I set that previleges as per the field access. 

      But while the time open the form as any user, it shows like this(see Image) and form will not opening.

      Actually Was I did any mistake here or what sholud I want to do better !!



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          What do you mean by "can't access User2s fields"?

          Do you mean that User 1 can't access user 2's records?

          Exactly what options did you select for this privilege set?

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            Dear Phil Sir,

            Actually It is one form. It has two access privileges.
            User1 can access Requestor part only(see Image_mark1).
            User2 can access Lab people only(see Image_mark2).

            In here, I make while User1 Login, he can't access Lab people's fields, same as whether User2 Login, they can't access Requestor people's field.

            In Access Privilege, I gave Limited Access(for User1 & User2).

            So when I enter the Login User1, It shows a message(see Image1_top attached), like same for User2.

            So actually what i want to do to solve this issue ?!! 


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              Sorry, but this does not fully answer my questions.

              What settings are you selecting in Manage | Security in your attempt to control access?

              As far as I know, there is no way to use Manage | Security to control access to two different parts of the same layout. If, however, you have fields from two different tables on the same layout, you can set up different levels of access for each table for a given user.

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                Dear Sir,

                The Privilege I set as,

                Records: Limited(View, Edit, Create)
                Layouts: Limited(modifiable, modifiable)
                Value Lists: View Only
                Scripts: Executable Only

                Need any clary, Sir.? Was I did any mistake?


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                  Sorry, but it's the next level in, the custom privileges that you have selected for layouts and records that I need to see.