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    Privilege Lockout



      Privilege Lockout


      Somehow a couple of days ago my Admin full access privilege got changed and I can no longer enter layout mode.  My backups are now overwritten and I am not aware of anyway I can get back in to make some essential changes.  Can anyone help me find a way back in?

      Cheers, Peter

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          Vague statements & security issues always make me suspicious.  Does someone else have Admin access?  Or did you update the password and forget it? 

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            I wrote the database for use by my company and I am the only one that has Admin access.  I had setup Filemaker 11 on a new computer for a new employee and it had some issues maintaining a wireless connection - it kept dropping out.  I suspect that while trying to fix this issue I had inadvertently changed the read only privileges for this user while I was logged in as Administrator.  It is the only thing I can think of that would have done it - unless there is a glitch in FM11 that may have caused problem.  All other machines (Mac & PC on our network are running either 9 or 10 and this is the first on 11.

            Incidentally the connection problem was hardware related.

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              If you're in the Manage Security window, it will not let you exit if no users have Full Access privileges.  Further, you can't save any changes that you make in the Manage Security window without using the name and password of an account with Full Access privileges.

              A quick search on Google turns up a number of programs offering to retrieve passwords, but I'm not familiar with any of the companies offering them.

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                I agree with your comment on the manage security aspect, and this is why I wondered how it could happen without some some sort of unusual occurrence - I have been developing/using FM databases for the last 7 years with nothing like this before. 

                I looked at those retrieval programs, and they seem to list the users and allow you to change the password.  This isn't the issue - I can log in as Administrator but the privilege is that of a user with read/write access.

                The database I created is the product of 3 years continuous use and development.  It still has loads of potential and I need to get back into it to add additional layouts.

                There is another of my databases that is connected to it so I could extract the tables and scripts that way to rebuild it, but with over 70 layouts and dozens of joins... it will take several weeks to rebuild.  

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                  Any chance the problem isn't with filemaker but with permission settings set on the directory where the file is located?

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                    OK, I went to another machine running a fresh copy of FM11 that hasn't opened this particular database before, and discovered there was no dialogue box to login.  

                    It would appear I have inadvertently set the database to open without the need to login.  Therefore no dialogue box to enter user name & password; so I can only open it using the User (read only) profile.

                    So, I suspect that all that is required is to re-login... any thoughts on how to get the dialogue box to open?   

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                      Mac or Windows?

                      On a Mac, open the file and hold down the option key. On Windows, hold down the Shift key.

                      You will then be prompted for an account and password to log in.

                      Then check the File > File Options for the auto login option.

                      FileMaker, Inc.

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                        Guys, thanks for all your assistance.  The problem was that the file was set to open as a user with Read/Write access only.

                        TS_Oz, you had the answer, but I had to delete my keychain entry for the file before I could access the login dialog box.

                        Much relief... and lessons learned!!!