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Privilege Set (Help)

Question asked by disabled_rosalie on Dec 28, 2014
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Privilege Set (Help)


Hi Everyone,

Please help me setting up my privilege on my database, Its been 1 week now since Im trying to play with the privilege set. I have set a privilege to my database in which I want all users to see their own records. 

I have three tables Users, Time & Projects

TablesViewEditCreateDeleteField Access
UserLimited (CreationAccount = AccountName)Limited (CreationAccount = AccountName)--all
TimeLimited (CreationAccount = AccountName)Limited (CreationAccount = AccountName)YesYesall
ProjectLimited (CreationAccount = AccountName)Limited (CreationAccount = AccountName)YesYesall
Any TableYesYesYesYesall

If I will login as Rosalie with Privilege Set Name it shows all <No Access> except the AccountName field which is showing my name in all Tables.

Please help and guide me.