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Privilege Set Name

Question asked by jeffd on Jan 28, 2010
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Privilege Set Name


I'm a FMpro10 v3 user on an XP platform.


Need some thoughts on how to set my editing records privileges with the following setup.

I currently have a Privilege Set Name called "Athens".

I have 3 account names that I assigned the "Athens" privilege set name to.

I set the custom record editing for the 3 users as;


((PrivSetName = "Tadd Mitchell") or (PrivSetName = "Bill Mitchell")
or (PrivSetName = "Shawn Toone")) and Status of Quote ≠ "Invoiced"

where PrivSetName is an auto enter calculation set at Get(AccountName).


The way I have this set, you can see that either one of these account names can get each other's records.


What I really want to happen here is for "Bill Mitchell" to be authorized to edit records created by either and

Tadd and Shawn to be able to edit only their own created records and not each others'.


I hope I'm making myself some what clear. I need suggestions on how I can accomplish my concerns.