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Privilege Set preventing export as email.

Question asked by mfuse on Aug 15, 2013
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Privilege Set preventing export as email.


     My Database has a set of records that need to be exported and emailed.

     I have a script that does this perfectly, but only if I log into an account with "Full Access" privileges.

     I have created a Privilege Set that is supposed to limit access to certain areas of the database, but for some reason it prevents the script that exports and emails records from working, but only inside FileMaker Go.

     If I log into the database which is hosted on a server on the Internet, from my desktop I can log in with the user that has limited privileges and still send an email. But from an iPhone with Filemaker Go using the same user it just won't send the email.

     It works from the iPhone if I login with a user that has Full Access privileges, so it seems to point to a setting in my privilege set, but oddly enough I can't find the settting. And it's also wierd that from a desktop the problem doesn't exist.

     I do have the "Allow exporting" checkbox checked in the limted privilege set as well.

     Any ideas?