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Privilege Sets and Permissions

Question asked by bruns on Mar 13, 2013
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Privilege Sets and Permissions


     I have a database and I have setup privilege set named Safety Advanced.  There are probably 20 layouts, I have someone that I have assigned this provilege set to, in this privilege set, I want them to only have access to change 1 layout, so I selected custom privilege for layouts, and of course it opens up all layouts.  I have selected view only for all but the one she can modify and it says modifiable (everything else is view only).  That all seems straight forward, however when I log in as her to test it, she has the edit layout button on all layouts.  If I go back and have her view for all layouts, then the edit layout button is grayed out for all layouts.  I thought just maybe a glitch in my system, so I tried this on 2 different layouts and same results,  then I thought I would try on my mac and same results.  Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong or is there a glich somewhere?