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Privilege sets not working as I thought

Question asked by bkolb on Sep 25, 2012


Privilege sets not working as I thought


      I am trying to add some "security" to a table I now support.  In a different Filemaker installation I support, it used Windows groups to provide security.  The script would check the user's CurrentPrivilegeSetName and make sure it was set to the one it was looking for (which had the same name as whichever Windows group they were in). 

     Ini this Filemaker installation, I added a script that checks whether the user is either the record creator or a member of  a special group before it allows them to edit the record.  I created a Windows group with the name fmpTS and added those users IDs (Windows login IDs) to it who should have this "special access".  I also created in Filemaker, an account called fmpTS, a privilege set called fmpTS and an extended privilege set called fmpTS.  (see uploaded image).  

     I added my Windows ID into the fmpTS Windows group on the server.  However, when I open the table with my ID, it shows my privilegeset is [Full Access] instead of fmpTS.  What am I doing wrong?