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privilege sets to restrict access to records

Question asked by HeidiStewart on Mar 13, 2013
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privilege sets to restrict access to records


     ok i realize there have been a lot of posts about this, but i've been reading and reading and can't find an answer.

     i'm using FileMaker Pro 12, i'm setting up an IWP., i'm using classic theme and i can see my database on the homepage.

     In the database i have a table that has a field called Dept, it is a drop down list using a value list with 5 different dept names.  i'm trying to set up 5 different privilege sets (1 for each dept) that allows them to only see their records, also not allow them to hit "show all" and see a bunch of "No Access" or "Missing file" messages.  if my database has 250 records and 1 dept has 100 records, when they log in they should see that there are only 100 records, not 250.  how to i limit the records they view and not not have the "no access" ones show?

     I've read that i need to specify a calculation, but i'm not sure how to have it pull which dept that record has selected, and then how to put in the formula which one it should match.  do i just type "Physics" in brackets like that?  if the privilege set itself is called Physics but i don't see a function called Get(AccountName) like i keep reading.  so how to i specify which dept the records should match?