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      Can anyone tell me if there is a way to set privileges to tables or objects rather than just the whole file? I've tried to contain my databases to one file where possible, so some of them are fairly complex with multiple tables of data. I would like to set security a bit tighter.



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             What version of FileMaker Pro are you using? If you are using FileMaker Pro 7 or later, then there is very granular security privilege setting available. For example, you can make a specific field not viewable on a specific layout. Privileges can be tightly set at the table, field and layout levels. Depends what you want to do.
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               Sorry! Guess that would have been helpful information to post. =) I am using FileMaker Pro 10. Currently it is being shared by a small handful of users also running FileMaker Pro 10.
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                 Can you set privileges at the button level? That seems simple enough for me. I have all the users set up with minimal privileges as it is. They can read and edit. They can't see the layouts, so the only way to get to certain tables would be through a button, which I want available for some users, but not others. Or maybe have it read only ......hmmmmm
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                Hmmm, "privileges at the button level". Not sure what you mean by that. If you mean that certain privilege sets should be able to perform a script attached to a button, then yes. What you would do is to check for the appropriate privilege sets at the start of the script in an If statement. Something like:


                If [ Get ( PrivilegeSetName ) = "admin" or Get ( PrivilegeSetName ) = "[Full Access]" ]

                  then do whatever


                  Custom Dialog ( sorry... )

                End If


                So when you say that they can't "see" layouts, I am assuming you mean that they are not in the layout pop-up list so they can't navigate to them manually. And of course they would not be allowed into Layout mode. But their privilege set allows them to view every layout. So they would need to navigate via a button to change layouts. So the above script structure for the navigation script(s) would work for that.


                You can also use Extended Privileges to effectively group privilege sets. But that is another story. 

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                  I think that will work. It sounds exactly like what I was looking for. Access for some and a pop-up message for others (for specific buttons). Yes, I removed all the layouts except for the main one from view, so they can't see the other ones. I'm pretty new at this, so my knowledge is fairly limited. I like to keep it simple ..... for now. :smileyhappy:


                  Thank you for your help!!