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Pro 3.0 -- unable to Define Fields ?

Question asked by colorbroken on Apr 28, 2009
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Pro 3.0 -- unable to Define Fields ?


At my new job, I've inherited an old point of sale system that runs FileMaker Pro 3.0 with FM Server.  I'm trying to make some adjustments to the system that haven't been addressed in almost 5 years, and this is where I'm getting stuck in my education.


If I try to adjust existing fields, or create new fields in our file system, I get an error that says the file is being accessed by multiple users, and cannot be adjusted until those users are logged off.  I understand this.


However, if I log off all other computers that access the system (there are 5 in total not including the Pro Server), I still get the message.  Could this message have something to do with the Server manager?  The system I'm trying to make the edits on is not the same system Server is running on.


I'll try some other things, but if anyone has suggestions, it would be appreciated.  I'm catching on pretty quickly, not having any previous experience with FM, but this is a roadblock that seems kind of important to have cleared up.