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Pro12 trial - are there usage limitations re sharing?

Question asked by CatherineMorrissey on Jul 8, 2013
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Pro12 trial - are there usage limitations re sharing?


     We currently use FMPro7 and want to upgrade. We have got the trial version of Pro12 and are testing it with a copy of our database which we've converted to be compatible. Everything works fine except peer-to-peer sharing. Is this restriced in the trial? Basically we just want to be assured that it will work!

     Normally (in v.7) one person hosts the database and the rest of us connect to it remotely as guests. This is what we're trying to replicate but can't. We have network sharing turned on and full access privileges, but we can't see the database in the Host's available files when trying to open it through the 'open remote' command, so effectively we can't share it.

     Our IT support technician confirms there's no problem with our network or IP addresses, so is this just a limitation on the trial or is there something we are missing?