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Probably simple: Search multiple criteria

Question asked by KateGolden on Sep 4, 2012
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Probably simple: Search multiple criteria


Hi - I'm new to Filemaker and can't figure out how to create a search that includes multiple criteria for the same field. For example, to find all the records in my table where FIELD1 = {602 OR 605 OR 613 OR 621 OR ... }.

I get how to do it using the "find" box and then choosing "extend found set" -- but I cannot figure out how to do it all at once, and I have many criteria to add that would make this too cumbersome and error-prone.

I see two options: 1. Script: The script editor appears offer a way to write SQL statements, but I can't find any examples that show me how that would work. (Also, while I understand the SQL syntax in theory, I've never written a query.)

2: Saved find: I read the instructions here, but I can't figure out how to apply them to my situation.

I have Filemaker Pro 11.

Can someone walk me through this?

Very grateful for any help.