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Problem , auto filling value based on dropdown list

Question asked by applelakshan1 on May 24, 2011
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Problem , auto filling value based on dropdown list


Hi guys, 

i am creating filemaker solution ,  this has 2 tables, 01. Contacts and other one is Diary, . i want to do some implimentation from my contacts.

* when i am opening the contact called Mr XXXX, he has Unique id called 1.

* i want to pick another user from same layout, for this i created another field called last_nameX (contact table)

* And i pointed this as a drop downlist from my all contact's last name field. 

* so now i can pick Mr BBBB when i look  at the Mr XXXX's record , 

* my problem here is picking the contact of Mr BBBB, i want to get Mr BBB's  Uniquie id in to new field called "Last nameXID"

* all thease fields are in Contact table,

I have attached the screen shot here

Thanks in Advance