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Problem about Stored Auto-entered calculation

Question asked by JillX on Jul 11, 2012
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Problem about Stored Auto-entered calculation


Now I have a table Order, where I enter a container number under each OrderNumber.

There are tables Lineitems and Shipping, and they have relationship:



Now I have a portal in table Shipping from table Lineitems, from which I can see container breakdown to find what's in side of one container. And this relationship and filter need me to build a stored calculation for container number for every records in table Lineitems.

I enter container number in table Order, and I want to build a stored auto-entered calculation on table Lineitems to allow correct container number being assigned to every records under the same OrderNumber, after I entered container number in table Order. Because Lineitem records already exit before I enter container number, the look-up function is not working here. What could be a solution to this attempt?

Thank you!