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Problem Adding Contacts

Question asked by PCow on Sep 13, 2010
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Problem Adding Contacts


I have a sales invoice form with about 1000 of my recent invoices. In order to have the fields auto-enter my contacts information I did the following. 

I set the company name to Auto-Enter using existing tab from the data section of the field. (Far right side)

Then I set a calculate formula for the 'Street' 'City' 'State' and 'Zip' by entering in the calculate prompt

For Street:   Case (Ship To Company::ShipToContacts Company Name; ShipToContacts::'Street')

For City:   Case (Ship To Company::ShipToContacts Company Name; ShipToContacts::'City')

For State:   Case (Ship To Company::ShipToContacts Company Name; ShipToContacts::'State')


The problem that I am having is that if I need to add a new customer then I have to go to the ShipToContacts file and create a new record. I then have to go to to the invoice and fully type in my contacts name (the first time only, remember its set to auto-enter existing information) and then it will show the correlating data. After that I can simply begin to type the company name, select it and viola its done.

What I need to know is how do I make it where I can add a new company name and insert the data manually 'street' 'city' 'state' etc. and have it save that data to my ShipToContacts database.