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Problem calculating

Question asked by MEh on Oct 28, 2011
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Problem calculating


Hi there,

I've set up a database where players of a team and the goals they scored are stored. On every player record all matches the team played are shown (from another db). Besides each matche I have a (repeating) field Goals where I put the number of goals the particular player scored in that particular match. Besides that I have a field called "Total amount of goals". In that field I want the total number of goals scored by that player in all matches played. This is the total of the (repeating) field Goals.

I defined the field Total amount of goals as follows: 

Field name: Total amount of goals
Type: Calculation
Options / comments: Indexed, = Count Goals

 Thing is that the number of games the particular player has scored in are counted, not the number of goals.

 Can someone point out what I am doing wrong?

More about my db and the reason I use a repeating field here, can be found in this Insert one db into another. Help needed..