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Problem Creating a Conditional Value List

Question asked by TimAllison on Jun 15, 2011
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Problem Creating a Conditional Value List


Using FMP 11 Advanced, I am trying to follow the instructions at <> to create a conditional value list in which the user selects a customer last name and then can select the appropriate first name from a list of all those first names for the given last name. The pop-up menu for last name works fine, but the First name pop-up menu says <no values defined>. I have double-checked the steps listed in the support article and not found any discrepancies, but still suspect that I have missed something. Any possible idea about what I missed or did wrong? Not sure which of the numerous dialogs that the issue may be in, but I have enclosed a screenshot of the Specify Fields dialog box. Let me know if there is another dialog box that you may need to see.

As a further point, I would "like" to set it up so that the user can type (or use the pop-up menu if typing won't work) in the last name field, and if there is only one customer with the given last name, have it go ahead and fill in the appropriate first name without propmpting for the user to select via the pop-up menu. Can this be done, and if so, how?

Thanks in advance,

/Tim Allison