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Problem displaying records in drop down

Question asked by Nerico_1 on Mar 24, 2010
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Problem displaying records in drop down



I'm a newbie to Filemaker using Pro11 on Mac OS.  I have a problem that's driving me wiggy.  I've created three value lists based on data from different tables.  One of them works perfectly but the other two only show the first record of the table.  Is this by chance a common newbie mistake with a simple answer?  I keep looking at the way they are set up and, unless I'm missing something, they all follow the same logic.  I can't identify anything different in the way they particular fields are set up on their respective tables either.


All three of them are set up to use the pk from the particular table and display a second field which is a calculated field concatenating the first and last names on the record.  They are all set up to show the second field only.


Any help will be much appreciated.