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Problem distributing runtime solutions for Windows OS

Question asked by NaturSalus on Sep 18, 2013
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Problem distributing runtime solutions for Windows OS



     After several months of development under Filemaker Pro 12  Advanced it came the time to create a runtime and then distribute it under Windows OS.

     But, surprise, surprise!

     The program I have been using for distributing runtime solutions made with Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced has been unable to make an executable of any runtime made under Filemaker Pro 12.

     The program that I use to make executables is: Setup Factory 9.1

     The error code is 2091: Error opening output file

     And the error occurs after compressing the follwing Filemaker file created with the runtime: DBEngine.dll

     Technical support of Setup Factory has been of no help.

     This error can be found described on the web, but to my knowledge nobody has been able to find out why it occurs and how to sort it out.

     In a word, I can't distribute runtimes with Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced.

     I have checked with one of the solutions that comes with Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced and I got the smae error message. SO it is not related to the structure of the solution.


     Here comes the question:

     Has anybody experienced this problem?

     And if so, how did you fix it?

     For those lucky ones not having the problem, what software do you use to distribute Filemaker 12 runtimes under Windows OS?

     I would like to see if my problem is sorted out changing the software?