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    Problem editing in IWP



      Problem editing in IWP




      I'm a new user of FMP 10. I'm using IWP to make a work schedule timetable in table view. My colleagues with whom I share IWP are facing these problems.

      • They can view only 50 records at a time.
      • While editing, when they click a record, it is going to top of the table.( That's difficult to work with because, to edit they have to look at other records too)
      • While scrolling down the list, the top row which has fields is not fixed making it difficult to know which field we are working on.

      I did not have these difficulties while making a table view of other databases.


      Could anyone provide me with solutions for this. Or is there any separate feature for making timetables in FMP?



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          IWP is a great tool, but has some limitations (more because of limitations with the browser than anything).



          • There is a limit to the number of records you can view at one time.  Make use of finds and reduce the found set as much as possible. (List mode also has a limit, 25 records I think)
          • You may try placing global fields in the header (because it doesn't move), and then script the creation of records that way.  Creating a new record based on the global fields and then clearing the global fields when you are done.
          If you have Server you can create Custom Web Pages using PHP to access the data.  Then you have pretty much full control over what the page looks like.