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Problem editing in IWP

Question asked by supriya on Mar 1, 2010
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Problem editing in IWP




I'm a new user of FMP 10. I'm using IWP to make a work schedule timetable in table view. My colleagues with whom I share IWP are facing these problems.

  • They can view only 50 records at a time.
  • While editing, when they click a record, it is going to top of the table.( That's difficult to work with because, to edit they have to look at other records too)
  • While scrolling down the list, the top row which has fields is not fixed making it difficult to know which field we are working on.

I did not have these difficulties while making a table view of other databases.


Could anyone provide me with solutions for this. Or is there any separate feature for making timetables in FMP?