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Problem entering data in a field with Instant Web Publishing.

Question asked by DSM on Oct 7, 2009
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Problem entering data in a field with Instant Web Publishing.


I have been working on this problem for a while now. The issue is that when you access a record (only using Instant Web Publishing) you can not modify the Username field. The username is simply the users firstname and lastname combined. I use this field for drop down lists and in scripts to perform certain finds. Since this can be a calculated field, I have tried changing so that the users do not even need to bother entering the username in this field, but when I do that the drop down lists and scripts begin to have issues. I then went back to requiring manual entry of the username field when the record is created. I can modify any other field in the record and when I click submit they all accept the data except for the username field. It appears blank. I have checked and re-checked that their are no validations set and have removed all indexing for this field. Ideally it would be best if the users did not have to enter the data manually, but I just need something to work here. I would be happy enough either way. When I use the filemaker client to enter the data, I can enter the username field. The problem only occurs with Instant Web Publishing.



Thanks for any help or suggestions.