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Problem Exporting Contact Info

Question asked by x94bp6ru6 on May 3, 2010
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Problem Exporting Contact Info


Is there anyway to make a portal show as regular, I'm not sure how to express the problem well so i'd just try


Right now,  two tables,  Contacts and PhoneNumbers, related through contact name




Field 1: Contact Names    




Filed 1 : Contact Names  Field 2: Numbers  Field 3: Category of the numbers


In browse mode, I have my layout as


Contact         Numbers (portal)


abc              Fax      12412342

                    Tel       6456565


123              Mobile 78254654

                    Tel       54786786


987              Fax 455646

                    Tel  12412342


Right now what I'd like to do is have a layout as "Report"  or to just export to excel or something as the following format


Contact      Tel              Mobile        Fax

abc           6456565                      12412342

123           54786786  78254654

987          12412342                     455646


anyway I can make this happen? thank you