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    Problem Exporting Contact Info



      Problem Exporting Contact Info


      Is there anyway to make a portal show as regular, I'm not sure how to express the problem well so i'd just try


      Right now,  two tables,  Contacts and PhoneNumbers, related through contact name




      Field 1: Contact Names    




      Filed 1 : Contact Names  Field 2: Numbers  Field 3: Category of the numbers


      In browse mode, I have my layout as


      Contact         Numbers (portal)


      abc              Fax      12412342

                          Tel       6456565


      123              Mobile 78254654

                          Tel       54786786


      987              Fax 455646

                          Tel  12412342


      Right now what I'd like to do is have a layout as "Report"  or to just export to excel or something as the following format


      Contact      Tel              Mobile        Fax

      abc           6456565                      12412342

      123           54786786  78254654

      987          12412342                     455646


      anyway I can make this happen? thank you

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          Are you only allowing one phone number of each type?


          If so, you can define three, single row, filtered portals (The implementation details can vary for filemaker 11), one for each column.


          In version 10 and earlier, you'd need to define three (or more) relationships, one for each portal.


          Here's an example for column 1: Define a calculation field that returns the text "Tel" and call it "cTellKey".


          Then your relationship looks like this:

          Contacts :: Contact Names = TellNumbers::Contact Names AND

          Contacts :: cTellKey = TellNumbers::Category


          TellNumbers is a new table occurrence of Numbers.


          In filemaker 11, you can simply define a different filter expression for each portal:

          For column 1, you could enter Numbers::Category = "Tel"

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            I understand that this is being used for export?  Do you really need columns?  If not then you can also try this:  In your numbers table define a calculation (result is text) called cCategoryNumber as:


            Category & ": " & number


            Then from your Contacts table, define calculation (text) as: 


            Substitute ( List ( Numbers::cCategoryNumber ) ; ¶ ; ", " )


            Instead of columns, it will produce list as:  Fax: 3441124, Tel: 212747 etc.


            As mentioned, if you have vs. 11 and you only have one number of each category, you can create filtered 1-row portal.  Place the information (including the 1-row portals) on a list view with only the fields you wish for your 'report' and then Save As Excel.  This will grab the filtered portals' values.  YOu cannot export filtered portals (they will display first record in relationship and not filtered results).

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              If you want a column in Excel for each phone type, then this is going to be more complicated:


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                no, but so far I don't get too many contact that has more than one number per type, I think I can just make the second number different type, ex mobile2


                I'll have a try tommorrow


                thank you






                I think this'd work think I just relized I only need one number per type when exporting!


                Thanks a lot!