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Problem getting "Set Field" to import images consistently

Question asked by wixx on May 4, 2009


Problem getting "Set Field" to import images consistently


I have setup a database in Filemaker Pro 9 that contains records for groups of individuals (from 1-4 people per record). I've included containers on the layout to display photos of each person in each group when available. I've further setup scripts to retrieve and insert these photos from a folder on my computer, using "Set Field" with a calculated result to auto insert a .jpg with a filename the same as the individual's name - a different script for each photo container, activated by a keyboard shortcut.


Now... this database is setup on a host machine, to be accessed over the local network in the office, as well as remotely through instant web publishing. All images are saved in a folder in the "web" sub-folder of filemaker, to allow them to be shareable over the web. Here's the problem:


When I access the database through the web, everything works fine - if I have a record that contains the maximum of four individuals, all images appearas as they should. BUT when I access the same record through the local network, only the first two images are displayed, while the containers for images 3 & 4 display "the file cannot be found: *filename*.jpg"


Clearly the script is working properly if it dislpays ok over the web. Why can't it find the same files locally?


Does anyone have any thoughts?