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Problem Getting Correct Data

Question asked by BoydReilly on Jun 18, 2012
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Problem Getting Correct Data


Tables being used:

Machines (SerialNo, UserFirstName, UserLastName, UserID, ….)

SerialNo (SerialNo)

Clients (UserID, UserFirstName, UserLastname, UserID, …)

There is a relationship form Machines.SerialNo to SerialNo.SerialNo.

There is a relationship from Machines.UserID to Clients.UserID.

In the body of the layout I have a pop-up displaying SerialNo.Serialno.  This lists all the records in SerialNo and when one is selected it goes to the correct record for Machines and displays the proper record.  No problem so far.

In the layout I have the fields listed from the Machines record.  Here is when I run into a problem.  I have a pop-up menu that I am trying to assign a Clients.Userid into Machines.UserID.  In the pop-up menu I have these settings:

Display Data from – Machines.UserLastName

Values from – lastname (Sourse is From Field Clients.Lastname& Clients.FirstName)

Here I can Machines.Lastname assigned from Clients.LastName.  But, I keep getting the Machines.FirstName and Machines.UserID from the first record in the Clients File instead of the record from I just selected.  How can I get the correct record information from Clients.

Hope this make sense.