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    Problem importing calculation field



      Problem importing calculation field


      Version FMP 8.5
      System OS X
      Level - beginner

      Data Import problem

      I am importing data from another FMP file.  I am importing from on set of found fields to another.  Everything is migrating perfectly EXCEPT  one field...
      This is infomation that I have in a table (it is a calculation field dislpaying text from a related table)  and it is not cooperating.  

      Can someone please help me work through this more difficult import?


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          Hi earthimag,

          "I am importing from on set of found fields to another."

          You mean you are importing from one set of records to another? 

          If the calculation you are attempting to import is properly connected to the tables/fields which make up its calculation then it will import into your current table if you are importing into a standard field.  You cannot import a calculation into a calculation.  What do you mean by "it is not cooperating"?  That doesn't give us much to go by.  ;-)

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            Thanks LaRetta,

            As I explained I am a beginner and I apologize for the incorrect terminology.  Yes, you are correct I am importing from one set of found records to another.  The FMP is the same file, just two different people are working on it. We are working on completely different records and then trying to import updated FMP B records into FMP A.

            So, the calculation fields are set up the same in FMP A as they are in FMP B.

            << Not cooperating>> So, when I import all of the data from FMP B (found records) all the updated information imports except for the calculation fields.

            Does that clarify?  Please help:(

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              It still doesn't make sense to me, sorry.  What do you mean by "trying to import updated FMP B records into FMP A?  Are FMP B and FMP A different tables?  Why are you holding information in two different tables?  A file can have different tables.  Please tell me the names of the tables involved (use their real names) and explain what you are doing.

              Remember I only know what you provide in your words on this thread.  I have no idea what your solution even looks like.  As I explained, you cannot import calculations into calculations.  What is the data type for the field on the target side and why are you trying to import a calculation?  Do you have a unique auto-enter serial in the table?  In both tables? 

              By some chance, do you mean that the calculations won't UPDATE instead of the calculations won't IMPORT?  Do you mean that you are importing changed information back into ONE table (in an attempt to update the existing data) and when you do, the calculations don't update?  When you import, do you click the radio button when asked to 'perform auto-enter'?  You must do that before calculations will recalculate.

              Hang in there ... we'll work through this ... it's just very difficult only using words on a post and I recognize that you are new and thus don't know what to ask because you don't know the terms yet.  We'll probably nail it this next round. :^)

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                Okay, sorry.  I will try again.

                Two different people are in two different locations adding information to different records to different copies of the same dbase.  (copy FMP A and copy FMP B.

                When I try to import the enhanced records, it imports all of the information except for the table calculations.

                Okay for the specifics.  I am creating a dbase of underwater video clips.  For each record, we are selecting from a list of pre-entered keywords.  These keywords were originally entered as information I have in a table. The field is a calculation  field, displaying text from a related table. This particular field is not being imported, but everything else is.

                Does that make sense?

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                  Thank you for the additional information.  Unfortunately, it isn't helping.  Let me ask some questions and please answer each question individually.  Please tell me:

                  1) The name of this calculation field in both tables. 

                  2) The exact calculation attached to this field (go into Options in field definitions).

                  3) The data type of this calculation on the target side (the importing 'into' table).

                  Again, you cannot import calculations into calculations.  You can import a calculation into a standard target field.  If the target side IS a calculation then it must have the same data used to make up the calculation and it would recalculate after importing (based upon the data in the target table).

                  It might work best for you to answer these questions and then upload your file somewhere for me to view.  If you wish, you can private message me the link to it.  There is something simple which we are not identifying and seeing the two files would answer it very quickly.

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                    See if this helps:


                    Are you saying that related information was changed and it is THAT information which didn't import?  Oh boy ... thank you, Fenton, I didn't see that connection. :^)

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                      It is often a problem when a beginner (in the relationship world at least) expects that an Import (or Export) should handle all the tables at once. Though the word "related" in the 1st post was a red flag. But I've seen this miss-pre-conception (?) often (especially with XML/XSL Imports).

                      Altogether, I wish FileMaker could somehow explain the overall concept and basic use of relationships right up front in its documentation, include a white paper(s) in the template files, etc.. I'm sure they'd do a good job of it if they put their minds to it. Understanding simple relationships does not need to be such a large step up (up crumbling brickwork, figures moving in the dark shadows, etc.).