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Problem importing folder full of large movies

Question asked by AdamPWSmith on Jul 12, 2011
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Problem importing folder full of large movies


I am trying to create a database of movie clips. I have about 2100 HiDef movie clips across 10 folders. The file sizes range from a few megs up to 4.28 Gigs. When I try to import as a folder, using just references to the clips, Filemaker crashes. 

If the folder has only a few files (20 or less) it seems to work okay, but when I try to import a folder that has (in this case) 200 or more clips it crashes during the import. It doesn't appear to be choking on single large files specifically - it just gets to a certain point and then cacks.

I've tried importing just the thumbnails or just the references and those both crash. Importing just the text data (filename and path) works fine.

Is there a solution or a workaround to this? Is there a way to fill a container field using a script and the path to the file? I can live without the thumbnails if necessary, but for this to work I need to be able to have the clip on the layout and playable.