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    Problem importing folder full of large movies



      Problem importing folder full of large movies


      I am trying to create a database of movie clips. I have about 2100 HiDef movie clips across 10 folders. The file sizes range from a few megs up to 4.28 Gigs. When I try to import as a folder, using just references to the clips, Filemaker crashes. 

      If the folder has only a few files (20 or less) it seems to work okay, but when I try to import a folder that has (in this case) 200 or more clips it crashes during the import. It doesn't appear to be choking on single large files specifically - it just gets to a certain point and then cacks.

      I've tried importing just the thumbnails or just the references and those both crash. Importing just the text data (filename and path) works fine.

      Is there a solution or a workaround to this? Is there a way to fill a container field using a script and the path to the file? I can live without the thumbnails if necessary, but for this to work I need to be able to have the clip on the layout and playable.



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          Hi Adam PW Smith:

          Thanks for posting.

          I have a few questions regarding how your folder and system setup.

          What operating system are you using, and how much RAM and hard drive space are on your machine?

          What version of FileMaker are you using?

          How much file space do all of your movie files take up in total?

          Are your movie files arranged in subfolders underneath the folder you are trying to import?

          Is your database file and movie files stored on a local drive, or are they on a network or external drive?

          If your database or movie files are stored externally, you may want to try moving them locally, then try importing one of the folders again.  You can also try creating a new database file and test if the same folder import causes FileMaker to crash.


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            Mac OS X 10.6.8

            7 GB RAM

            The home drive has 237GB free. The database and the video clips are on an external drive with 1.12TB free

            Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced 11.0v3

            The total of all video files is 861GB. These are broken out into folders:
            1 - 4 Files 2GB
            2 - 83 Files 28GB
            3 - 461 Files 137GB
            4 - 302 Files 120GB
            5 - 217 Files 120GB
            6 - 208 Files 103GB
            7 - 223 Files 93GB
            8 - 228 Files 74GB
            9 - 289 Files 90GB
            10 - 200 Files 90GB
            11 - 24 Files 3GB

            The folders contain nothing by QT (.MOV) files that came from a Canon 60D. They are all HiDef video files. There are no recursive folders below the ones listed above.

            I was able to work with the first and last folders without problem. I tried working with folders 2 and 10, adding files back to them and importing until it crashed. That happened somewhere around 8GB total filesize, but it didn't seem to be consistent.

            If I import just the text data (name and path) it works fine. But adding either Thumbnails or Clips (or both) causes it to crash).

            I'll try putting the database on the home drive to see what happens. Obviously storing all 861GB of movie clips on the home drive is going to be a problem.

            If this is just an importing bug I'd be happy to write a script that sets the container field to a specific path, as I have that data, but I can't find a way to set a container field's contents using scripts.


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              Storing the file on my home drive (on the Desktop) still crashes as the same point as before. 

              I can send you the crash log if that's of any help.

              A bit more context, in case that's of any use...

              The point of this project is to have a library of source movie clips for a film project. I used EXIFtool to extract some of the metadata from the files (ISO, Exposure, Shutter Speed, Capture Date/Time, Duration, etc). I wrote that into a CSV file which I then used to create the database. Now I want to use the Import Folder function, using the Filename field as a match, to import the clips and thumbnails. After that is done I will add fields for keywords, shot type, location, etc.

              I had no problem doing this with a smaller folder (35 files, 8.01GB) that I used to test out the process. The problem definitely seem to be tied to how much is ingested in one go.