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    Problem Importing from Excel



      Problem Importing from Excel


      I have a list of 7 digit numbers that are currently in an Excel file. When I import them into Filemaker, any number that has a 0 at the front, FM will drop the 0. So, 0975644 will import as 975644. I need the 0 in the front. Can someone tell me how to correct this?


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          Either import the data as text rather than a number into a text field or set up a calculation field (or text field with auto-enter calculation) to put back the leading zeroes.

          Right ( "0000000" & YourNumberFieldHere ; 7 )

          will put back all possible leading zeroes provided you have a calculation field with a text result type or a text field with this auto-enter calculation. (Be sure to enable auto-enter options during the import.)