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problem in distributions script

Question asked by aboblal80 on Nov 7, 2012
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problem in distributions script




     i have a problem in distributions script that i want to distrbute dates and amount based on starting date and the ammount that has to be paied every period of time 


     the problem is 

     whenever i want to start the script which distrbute the dates and ammount the wrong ammount appears and if the right ammount appears whole result dissapear.


     i have two tables


     this tabel has these fields

     amount as a number

     date as a date

     count as a number 

     test amount as a calculation (amount / count)

     global date as a text

     global amount as a text




     this tabel has these fields

     amount as a number

     date as a date


     they are in a relationship that i need to store the disrbuted dates and amounts into the tabel testing payment


     so please help me in this problem 


     many thanks in advance