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Problem in List View VS Portal (Printing)

Question asked by BryanSantos on May 5, 2014
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Problem in List View VS Portal (Printing)


     I hope the experts can help, my problem has been driving me crazy for several days now. Shout out to PhilModJunk! :)

     Here's my problem:

     I have a filemaker system that has monthly recurring billing for each customer. I am printing a statement of account each month, that details all unpaid monthly bills.

     The format of the statement of account is as follows:

     - The top section will contain the billing statement of the current (latest) month regardless whether PAID or UNPAID (like our phone bills)

     - The bottom section will contain all the previous UNPAID statements (of course not including the latest month)


     Solutions I have tried:

     1. I have already tried a somewhat working solution by using portals based on a table occurence of my BILLS table, this is working perfectly fine except when printing or converting to PDFs


       - Given that the previous unpaid bills is a portal, I have to add in many rows just in case many bills will be unpaid

       - Portal slide up is working fine but problem is when printing, given that I have a long portal, it prints blank pages even though they're empty


     2. Now, I tried using a list view, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to maintain my format wherein the top section will contain the latest bill while the bottom section of the layout will contain all other unpaid bills

     - When my list view layout is based on the previous unpaid table occurence, the list shows all unpaid bills correctly, but I could not make the top section to show the latest billing details (based on the main bills table)

     - When my list view layout is based on the main table (billing), I cannot make the bottom section work (there are duplicate entries etc.)


     I hope I am clear enough. Hoping for some kind assistance!