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Problem inserting text

Question asked by Celeste on Jul 10, 2010
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Problem inserting text


I am trying to auto-enter text into a new record request. I know this should be should very simple, but it is not working. 

I have two related tables: Contacts and Payments. On the contact layout, I have an "add payment"  button, which performs a script that opens a new window with a new record request in the payment layout. I would like to auto-enter the contact id number and name into the new payment record request. I have tried several script steps, including "insert from last visited", "insert calculated result", "set field", and any other step that even remotely looks like it could work. None of these have returned any results.

I should note that the field I am trying insert the text into ("Contact_id", a related field on the payment layout), is a drop down list. Even though this field returns the contact ID number, the list is set up to display the contact names, not ID numbers. When a value is entered into this field, then the customer name is auto-entered into another field called "NameFull". Perhaps this causing a conflict?

Any help is appreciated.