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Problem Installing FM Pro Advanced 11 Update

Question asked by DouglasRoss on Aug 1, 2010
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Problem Installing FM Pro Advanced 11 Update


I purchased, installed, and registered 11.0v1 on my MacBook running Snow Leopard 10.6.4 in March of this year and have been using the SW ever since.  When I try to install 11.0v2 the installer eventually tells me it cannot find a valid copy of the SW on my machine and the install terminates.

I also run Windows XP Pro under Parallels but have Parallels/Windows off when I try to install.  I run anti-virus on the Windows side but not the Mac side.  I have tried to install the update several times over a couple of weeks but to no avail.

I originally downloaded and installed the SW from the Apple Store and was subsequently sent a backup CD (which has never been in my machine).

Any suggestions on how to get the update to install?