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Problem linking tables- reference doesn't work.

Question asked by aqua22 on Dec 10, 2008
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Problem linking tables- reference doesn't work.


I'm looking for someone to review my file to try and identify what the problem is. I'm designing a VERY basic donor management database for a non-profit organization. I have 2 tables. The first is called "donor" and contains a donorID field along with other personal info (name,address...) The second table is called "donation" and contains the donorID field and information such as donation amount, donation date and others. I've linked the donorID field which is autogenerated in the "donor" table. I've experimented with different methods of trying to display information from related tabled but nothing seems to work. One of my layouts called "Receipt" is supposed to display a combination of information from both tables and it won't work properly.


Can someone please help!!!

Download my filemaker file here