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    Problem Making Grade Book



      Problem Making Grade Book


           Hi.  I have been using filemaker for a little while but have been learning on the fly because I get so busy.  Our grading has changed so I am trying to make a new grade book for my iPad.  One of the things that I am trying to improve upon is to get a field that totals the number of occurrences from my attendance fields that occur.

           Example:  If Student is absent then "AB" would be selected from the pull down that the value list the field is associated with.  Or, if a student was tardy, "T" would be selected.  I want to be able to have an active count of all the different occurences to track attendance and behaivior.  

           I have taken snap shots of what it looks like.  I am not sure what I am doing wrong.  I have tried different combinations.  I watched lynda.com videos to help myself learn the program and it said that you can have an either or result but it doesn't work when I  Case ( Week1Day1 = "AB" ; AbsentCount + 1; AbsentCount + 0 )  So if another option is chosen like "T" or because there was an entry error, it still adds +1.

           Hope this makes sense?

           Thank you for your time and help.



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               Case returns the associated result from the first expression to evaluate as "true". Thus, if "AB" is selected for Week1Day1, the values entered into any of the other fields such as Week1Day2, Week1Day3 have no effect on the value returned in the expression.

               The fact that you have multiple fields named Week1Day1, Week1Day2, strongly suggest that you would be better off redesigning your tables/relationships so that this data resides in a related table with 1 field for this data, but different records for the data that you now enter into each of these fields. That design approach will enable much more flexible approaches to you you track and report attendance data.

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                 Thank you very much for your response.  The previous gradebook that I had made was a "Flat" design.  I did not know at the time how tables and relationships work.  I have played with it a bit now so I kind of get it. What I was trying to do is separate the different portions of the gradebook into different tables.  For example all my attendance information in one table.  All of my fitness testing in another and so on.  They were to be related by Primary Key Field of student name.

                 It is hard because I get so close to figuring it out and then feel like I need to start over. LOL

                 Would it work any better if I used the Choose function for the pulldown and then it will add to whichever the selection belongs.  So that if "MU" is selected then it will add a plus one to the appropriate total?

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                   I was thinking that maybe I am not asking the right question?  

                   How would I set up fields to keep track of the number of selections from pulldown fields.


                   There are 10 fields associated with a value list that contains Black, Red, White, Purple, Blue, Green.  How would I set something that would count the number occurrences of each of those colors?

                   Results would look like

                   Black - 2

                   Red - 3

                   White - 1

                   Purple - 1

                   Blue - 3

                   Green - 0


                   Thank you to anyone that can help!


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                     I would use 10 records instead of 10 fields. It then becomes much easier to count how many records have a particular value.