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Problem naming buttons

Question asked by JeanDENOEL_1 on Aug 1, 2010
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Problem naming buttons



I'm using FileMaker Pro 10.

I found a problem naming buttons.

I draw a simple rectangle to be used as a button. I name it (say "Button1", for example). I then assign it a script to be performed and it works. But, Oh surprise, I realize that the button doesn't have a name anymore. No problem, I retype it in the "Object Name" field of the "Info" palette but I'm instructed that the name is already in use... But where is it? At least, I'd like to erase it to be able to use it again.

FileMaker doesn't seem to "delete" easily things (I also didn't find the way to delete a layout - and its name - I don't want to keep).

Anyone has a suggestion?